Wexford Leas Swim Club

Wexford Leas Swim Club

How do you spell Summer Fun? Wexford Leas! 

The Wexford Leas Swim Club has big plans for the Summer and you don’t want to miss it! Enjoy our beautifully landscaped swim club all summer long.Memories happen all summer long at Wexford Leas Swim Club.

In this website you will find general information about our swim club. To be on top of all club's happenings consider joining our facebook group. Our facebook page is constantly updated with information regarding our club: events, pictures, summer schedules, and information that you might not want to miss.

Enjoy some of the power of the Wexford Whales, the club's swim team, from the 2015-16 seasons...you can be part of it! Remember choosing to display in HD for better quality.


Wexford Leas Swimming 2015-16 from René Pérez on YouTube.

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Thanks for another great season and looking forward to summer 2017! 


Don't Forget to Stay Tuned!
Stay tuned for more activities and details to come...

Please access our Social Fun at the Pool page to get information about planned activities. You'll be able to print a friendly copy of the published planned activities and/or save it for easy access.

Swim Club Calendar is being re-instated within the website and plans are to keep it up to date to provide you with important information to plan ahead.